About Us

PineStone Asset Management Inc.

Investment Team
Formed in 2009

PineStone Asset Management Inc.

Was established in 2021, as a result of our investment team's spin out of a large publicly traded asset manager. Our team has collaborated closely since 2009 and has been recognized with numerous industry awards. PineStone considers it an honor and privilege to manage assets on behalf of many of the world's largest and most sophisticated investors.

Actively Patient

We are actively patient with our investments,

looking through short-term challenges while doing the work to confirm our investment thesis remains intact. We believe a significant edge is derived from the depth of knowledge we accumulate by adopting an owner's mindset and holding our companies over many market cycles.


To create extraordinary value for our clients and their beneficiaries over many years


To be the gold standard for fundamental research, portfolio construction, and long-term quality growth investing


We foster a culture of commitment, integrity, drive, diligence, and patience

PineStone’s logo features an umbrella-shaped Pine Tree native to the Mediterranean, including Lebanon.

We envision the tree’s umbrella shape representing the downside protection our Investment Team strives for, shielding our client’s assets over many market cycles and the pine nuts; those are the dividends our companies pay to our clients over the many years we own them.